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- MC Chopper Freesen 78 -

In 1977, two brothers and five friends - motorcycles - wide country - East Friesland - an idea were geboren.1978 they founded the chopper MC Freesen - Since every week-end driving and party was announced in East Friesland. The uppermost priority was to drive bikes with the small purse which delivered on the one hand the Flär of easy Rider, on the other hand from the usual one took off - Joky and his friends screwed quite wild bikes. In the early 80 zigern they did not spread really fear and terror, however, most events were glad if they were not there. Their strength originated from her cohesion, to her heart for the native country and the certainty centuries of old tradition upright to stay - En Frees bends down sück noit - Lever dood as Slaav.

In 80s the choppers MC Freesen of a stable membership took pleasure, started numerous meetings, and organised her legendary parties on the reasons of Joky and Marina. The tumultuous times of the "rocker of the south" passed the Freesen relatively without a trace. The MCs the bosses at that time never wanted to be to themselves in the north lost, unless to the cure to the coast. However, the scene of internal and external discussions also remained in East Friesland not spared. Here was the uppermost priority of the Freesen, hard, however, warmly. Fluktration was the result. Only few MCs got over the change.


Jokys death in 1997, a painful and deep incision in the chopper Freesen MC, and according to a compulsive change in leadership. Leader by Old lady Marina, Jokys Mrs. A while of 2 years to the suitable Chief, Vau which took in hand talents and steers till this day. New Way, new blow number every Member did not stand firm to him. In spite of the nationwide layout in the scene the Freesen could preserve her identity for the purposes of the Old styles.


35 annual parties became famed in the memory of Joky, in his day of death with loaded guests.